Christian Author Sheds Light in the Wake of Priests Being Exposed

September 28, 2018 – Press Release 

ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES: Aspiring author Deavin Ross reveals biblical insight concerning man’s true nature and need for intimacy and sex in his book L.O.V.E – The 2nd Time Around. He alludes to this fact because we are hearing more and more cases of sexual allegations and misconduct in our world today. He quotes “As a man you must know that your need for sex is real. You must deal with the reality of your situation and not fail into sinful lust. You must deny yourself of any other resource that could bring sexual pleasure.” He says, ‘This is the time that ministers, priests, preachers, teachers and the like must fulfill their vow and yield themselves before God and ask Him to prevent them from falling into various trials and temptations.”

Author Deavin Ross takes readers on a journey to discover that that sexual intercourse is an act of worship. He makes bold and thought-provoking statements such as “We have not been taught how to correlate intimacy, love, and sex our churches today, let alone in our prayer life with God.” This author designed this book to shift paradigms and religious views as he is transparent about the various trials we are facing in our world today. In addition, Deavin also correlates the rising epidemic of misconduct involving minors amongst ministers and priests to fatherlessness. He states fatherlessness is the one of the biggest societal struggles plaguing our homes, communities, and churches. He quotes “Its times like these that the real men of God must rise up and stand in the gap in so many ways for those whose children are fatherless, mothers and women who are hopeless, non-believers who are clueless, and believers who are faithless.

There are times when you read something that is so beyond comprehension. This is one of such books. I started this book thinking it was only for men, but as I read on, I was inspired by the words written, thoughts given, and empowering scriptures provided.”Crystal CaseyJoliet IL

About Deavin Ross: Deavin Ross is a man who passionately loves God and strives to live a life of integrity and honor that brings glory to God. He is a husband, father and a true man of God. Deavin found a new way to express and experience love when he met his wife Tiffany Ross. Both were married prior to meeting each other, therefore the love they have found within one another, with Christ at the center of the union, has caused them to know the true meaning of a divine connection, as their Love Overcomes Virtually Everything – the 2nd time around. Deavin is a man filled with determination and dedication, which will not allow his past to impact his future with his newly found love. He takes every trial and tribulation that affected his soul to ignite passion, prayer and purpose in marriage with his wife, Tiffany Ross. Learn more at